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Help Congolese enrich themselves in the DRC and in the diaspora. 

DR Congo  -  Community Association / Community Network 

Notre Lobby is showing Congolese that we can do much better. We are a group of influencers with the objective of persuading all Congolese to believe in a better near future. We offer solutions to our problems and help Congolese people plan and visualize a developed Congo.
We are recruiting our sisters and brothers all over the diaspora and in D.R.Congo to join our team to make Congo the strongest republic in Africa and one of the richest countries in the world.

You deserve much better!

ANDMAK Foundation
Nos Services:

Visa USA & Canada / Immigration
Visa d'études /Visa de travail /Visa de Tourisme

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First Video 12/11/2021

First Video 12/11/2021

First Video 12/11/2021

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